Movie Making

I continued moving thru the Cinematography course today. The cinematography features are so cool and rich. I am a bit of a film buff, and I love being able to interpolate between any two camera angles by just overlapping them in the Timeline. It gives some possibilities for shots that would be impossible or very difficult in the real world, like Orson Well’s famous epic continuous opening shot in “Touch of Evil” — following multiple characters from the street, in a car, and everywhere in between with no cuts. You could make things in Unity that would be even more extreme.

In Unity you can even introduce noise into the camera movement to simulate a handheld shot.

Darren Rappels in

I’ve been building up countless Cinemachine virtual camera angles for my cinematography app. Here showing Darren as he rappels into the jewel room:

Followed up on some more Linked-In communication, great to meet old friends again and new ones. My friends list has grown from about 5 to almost 50 in just a couple of days working on it. But their system has locked me out of doing too much more due to too much activity. Also looking at some of the intern’s websites, Riley has made a nice one. Most of my contract work has come my way from referral from previous clients and partners, so makes sense to maintain and grow these networks.



Unity VR Developer (VRX Virtual Reality Experiences VRX)

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