Timeline Scene Sequencing

I continued through more of the Cinematography course over the weekend. Really cool to see how to use the Timeline Grouping tracks to organize timeline tracks and collapse the timeline hierarchy for easier access and use with limited screen space:

Unity Timeline Track Grouping

This is a really simple concept like folders, but helps to make things more manageable just like folders. I’ve been doing a lot of camera animation and camera cuts in the most recent sections of the course, and this helps out.

Joanne wrote an excellent blog about managing her teams app development — https://jmacnut.medium.com/organizing-a-game-development-team-project-nova-star-1-0-a07c52bfae2 9 What a great job the team did! Also very interesting to see how she used the Trello with the Kanban system even though I have used Trello many times, this is a well developed standard way to manage tasks and visibility of the project and progress.

She also gave a great talk about this and all her development management techniques that yielded such amazing success.

We held our final group meeting for the end of the program. It was sad to say goodbye, but many of us are still staying in touch through Discord and Slack as well as continuing to study the material. I also wrote letter to ACI folks to express my thanks and detail the impact from the GamedevHQ program for myself and the interns. The program has really improved my programming skills and provided some needed social interaction with the pandemic going on.



Unity VR Developer (VRX Virtual Reality Experiences VRX)

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