Timeline and Cinemachine

Getting more experience with Timeline and Cinemachine in the Stealth course. Animating objects with timeline and using the curves. Smoothing out tracking with dampening. Learned a cool trick never used before locking the inspector so you can maintain access to certain setting in some situations like when doing animation. The dolly setup was giving me difficulty even though I had used it in the Unity tutorials, the track was not appearing and adjusting as anticipated. — Appears the main problem was I didn't have Gizmos turned on and why I couldn’t see the track and other indicators.

Reorganized the intern teams with as little impact as possible due to some folks leaving the program, but have a new lead.

Took a look at the Unity for Humanity program supporting different sorts of apps with cultural benefit. Thinking this can be a good place to apply next year for assistance with the Hawaiian cultural VR app I want to create.

Spent a lot of time reviewing and adding more Linked-in invitations to my embryonic account. Jonathan has been emphasizing the importance of developing a robust online presence to promote your work. I did so much searching and adding late last night that the system said I needed to purchase a Premium account to continue user searches, and it would be locked for a month otherwise. Unexpected disappointment.



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