Still Polishing

Continued working away at bugs and identified more as I tested more thoroughly. The big thing today as reworking the Lives to work properly rather than being another indicator of health. It’s taking time to get this to work properly. Changing the existing code to use a new Health variable, and getting the Lives setup — still a problem with getting the UI display to show it properly and how to make a new life — right now just leaving the existing ship intact and restoring it and putting a msg in the UI that a new life was used. Fixed the animation and audio on the Ramming Type enemy.

Spent a lot of time developing material for a nice video presentation about the program Al recorded. I prefer to go off script and talk off the top of my head, but tried doing it with the display above the camera like a teleprompter. But Al said it still looked like I was reading it, so switched to just talking to different questions ad hoc. Was more relaxing, but sort of felt I wasted time developing material I never used, but was prepared to talk and motivated.

Also spent some time organizing some of the team members in our shared spreadsheet to get a better view of who is leaving mid month to get a better understanding for making new team formations with as little impact as possible to accommodate the upcoming changes.



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