Debug goes on

Still working on the new Live’s system, is negatively impacting other things and not working as expected. Messages not coming up properly though lives are extending. Getting unwanted game over text sometimes. Also found the Boss I setup in a mock test is not coming in as expected in the final wave. So still still battling the bugs in some ways, like the waves of enemies in my game!

Took some time to read Dan’s awesome articles on Ray Casting and Ray Casting Shapes: and Nice examples with the graphics simulating the casting. Also reviewing the manual and see can get the object information from the transform. This should be useful and I will try to utilize this in the Cinematography course.

Also got a new monitor to help with my eye strain on the blurry old one. Looks sharper but having some other issues with the response time lagging, making me feel like I’m working in Jell-O, even with the highest performance settings. Also sometimes not connecting at all to the video card. I have a RTX-2070 so don’t expect this to be a limitation of my card, but will continue to try to tweak it. At least I can see the code text more clearly.



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