I’ve completed all of Phase 2 now except for the Boss section. Found a good sprite to use and started fancying it up. Running into an issue accessing a Halo component I wanted to animate on the object because it seems it is considered a Behavior vs Component, another new thing to get a handle on. I also finished a new Ram Attack enemy type. Still seeing a few bugs I need to clean up also. Soon I’ll be on to the Cinematography course.

Was experimenting with some other features, and encountered something unexpected. I added some 3D text as a child to an object that was rotating, and wanted the text to not rotate with the object. So I wrote a little rotation script for it to stay in sync with the other object rotation. The peculiar thing was — without the script the child 3DText rotated with it’s parent as expected. But when I added the new script to counter rotate the object at the same rate — it still rotated at the rate specified in the opposite direction. And by putting a zero rotation into the script made it stay as desired. So adding a script that performed zero rotation on the child prevented the child from rotating relative to the parent. Appears it’s related to the coordinate space that transform.translate is referencing.

I asked the team leads to start hosting some short round table screen share sessions in their meetings for each of the interns to get a chance to show their work and talk about how they are progressing. Also reviewed some sources for getting custom sprites into their games and how to import them in and configure them as sprites for use.

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