Addressing Issues

Spent most of the day profiling and (hopefully) resolving some persistent Medium Blog issues. Interns have been unable to publish their daily blogs getting erroneous messages from Medium saying they have exceeded the number of entries they can make in a day and not allowing them to upload. eventually the system usually allowed them to upload, but this was causing a lot of churn and wasting folks time. I decided it was time to really focus on this nuisance. It appeared that most of the cases were using the gamedevhq email account for their Medium email login. It was intended for them to use their personal email for an account to blog with. Some folks had duplicate accounts already using their personal email. So we carefully switched folks over one by one to use their personal email and merging if necessary being careful not to loose anyone's work. The thought was that the Medium bot algorithms was not liking all the activity from the little known email server. Time will tell if this is effective in resolving the problem, and I look forward to hear results tomorrow!

I finished up my Abstract class and override implementation getting a new wave of enemies with shields working. I started in on a little side effort to setup some of the Text in the Space Shooter to pulse. I thought this would be a quick exercise to practice my skills, and turned into a lengthy effort last night that ended in my PC crashing and loosing VS code, Unity objects, and unfinished email. My new laptop has almost never crashed, and was frustrating to sift through everything to get back to where I was. Will continue with this unexpectedly challenging Pulse excursion.



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